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7 tips for writing a good article quickly

Do you want to know (7 tips for writing a good article quickly) and write a good article to impress your audience and earn more money?

That’s great.

This article is the right choice for you. here I will provide you with all the basics and advanced level information about writing a good article.


7 tips for better content writing?

Better content to help you rank your article. various websites and blogs rank on google daily cause of better content writing. if you also want to rank on Google, you need to follow these all simple steps carefully

7 tips for writing a good article quickly

1- Keep a list of Ideas:-

You never know when writer’s block will hit. that’s why it’s important to keep a list of ideas for potential news articles or personal stories. that could be expanded into essays. any time you have an idea, Jot it down in a notebook. and carry a little notebook in your pocket. that way, when it’s time to start writing, you’ll already have a place to start.

2- Create a catchy title:-

a little is the first thing your reader will see, and it’s the first chance you have to convince them to continue reading your article you don’t need to resort to the clickbait-style title to get readers interested. There are many different strategies for formulating a good title. Here are a few suggestions to help you formulate one that is perfectly eye-catching.

  • Promise a solution:– What problem are you going to solve for the readers? Draw them in with a promise of an answer, for example, start out with phrases like “how to” and “Tips for”.
  • Be Succinct:– Blog posts with 6 to 13-word titles get the most traffic, so make sure your title isn’t too long.
  • Ask a question:– Write your title in the form of a question to which you know the answer will be “Yes”.

3-Try writing in Bullet points:-

Writing in bullet points can help you organize your thoughts and complete the article faster-also. bullet points articles often drive higher traffic. since search engine algorithms tend to prioritize articles with bullet points and subheadings. writing in bullet points is not only a time-saver, it can also increase the likelihood of your article reading your target audience.

7 tips for writing a good article quickly
7 tips for writing a good article quickly

4-Pay attention to visuals:- to write a better article

It would be nice to think that only the quality of your writing matter, but the truth is that looks matter too. Learning a few tricks allows you to use this to your advantage.

variation in sentence length, paragraph length, text size, and text type breaks up the visual landscape in an appealing way. this variation also serves to guide the reader to the most important parts of your article.

The image also serves to break up the text, and they are another way to draw in the reader. A catchy title draws clicks, remember it’s important to consider which image will work best for your article and how to access them.

  • Keep paragraphs short and visually appealing.
  • Use bullet points to break up blocks of text. since 43% of readers skim blog articles. it’s important to highlight your main point.
  • Bolding is another way to break up your text, directing the skimmer’s eyes to those ideas that you want to stand out.
  • Use images to break up the text and draw in readers.

5-Use Keyword strategically:-

Keywords are an important part of search engine optimization (SEO) however, keep in mind that Google penalizes sites for keyword stuffing. we are still aiming for quality content and the appropriate use of keywords. include the primary keyword in the title of your blog post. secondary keyword should be featured in the subheading and the body of the text.

6- Use table of content

Single little things also Please use the table of the content section in your every post to read the post easily of every reader.

7-Edit after Writing:- (7 tips for writing a good article quickly)

One of the most common mistakes that writers make is trying to edit while they write resist this urge. trying to edit while in the process of writing can slow you down, increasing the likelihood that you won’t even make it past the intro. good writers know that writing and editing are two distinct and separate processes.

once you’ve gotten to the end, then you can go back and focus on writing the perfect first line, sharpening your first paragraph, or typing things together with a clever kicker.

Do you understand that how to write a good article? I am sure that you will write your article a better quality.

Now it’s your turn,

What do you think of good content writing and this post also shares your thoughts in the comment box. and shares this post with your friends and relatives to help them to write a good article.

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